1. womenwhoride:

    Reader Lauren Silvers sent in this picture of her mom. 1970s – via Mom Style Icons

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  3. vdvintagedesign:

    Paimio Sanatorium, Paimio, Finlândia - Alvar Aalto (1932)

    Paimio Sanatorium, Paimio, Finland - Alvar Aalto (1932)

    © Addison Godel

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  4. How to kill flies.

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  5. quiet-design:

    Vang Chair by Andreas Engesvik

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  8. Hotel Soap - Go ‘Way From My Window

    John Jacob Niles cover

    Jerkcurb and Xan Pohlekis


  9. jeffmangos:

    Waiting room
    Zefram Zef

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